Back on track – Falken will start 2020 testing at the Nürburgring on June 15th with first race outing at NLS2/3

Satisfied that it can implement a range of procedures for its drivers and team members, Falken Motorsports will resume its 2020 testing at the next NLS test scheduled to take place at the Nürburgring on the June 15th, before racing in NLS2 and 3 a month later.

Both of Falken’s Porsches will be in action at the NLS test with Klaus Bachler and Martin Ragginger sharing one of the 2020 spec 991.2 GT3 R, whilst Sven Müller and Dirk Werner will pilot the other.

The team will respect all the guidance provided by government and race officials and will mandate other measures including separate driver changing areas, individual driver briefings with the pit garage and truck closed to all non Falken staff.

“I think I speak for all the drivers in feeling confident and comfortable that Falken and the organisers have done all they can to provide a safe environment for us to return,” says Martin Ragginger. “We understand fans will be sad not to be able to be there but we all have a role to play in keeping to the guidelines at this time. The NLS organisation fought hard to get us all back on track and by staying at home and follow us online it’s the best way to show your support to us Teams, Drivers and of course the NLS and the Nürburgring with all the surrounding suppliers.”

Mindful of the disappointment that fans can’t witness first-hand the debut of its brace of Porsches in anger, Falken’s drivers will be sharing their experiences from the paddock and pits via Falken’s Instagram channel.

“Typically, we welcome the many fans that come to see the cars up close and interact with the drivers,” adds Falken Motorsports Stefanie Olbertz. “This time, we’ll have more content on our social channels for fans to watch along with insight from the drivers.”

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