Test Tracks

Test Tracks


Automotive Testing Papenburg GmbH is a company that runs a unique automotive test track over an area of around 780 hectares. In addition to a wide range of road surfaces and obstacle courses, the track also has an oval circuit 12.3 km in length. Steeply banked curves at almost 50° angles allow test drives to be performed at up to 250 km/h without the influence of any lateral forces.


Santa Oliva is home to Europe’s largest test track, providing top-class test circuits of every imaginable type – and the benefits of the Spanish climate, which enables testing to be carried out under consistent conditions all year round.


The Okayama test track has everything tyres need to show off their strengths: high speeds, dry and wet braking and wet handling on a variety of surfaces. The track also features an off-road circuit, “comfort” routes and a mobile laboratory truck for identifying and recording tyre characteristics.


Hokkaido, Japan’s most northerly island, offers two winter test circuits; Nayoro is used for testing car tyre grip on snow and ice, while Asahikawa specialises in winter truck testing.


Test World is located in Lapland on the 68th latitude – far to the north of the Arctic Circle – and offers ideal conditions for winter tyre testing. Its varied range of circuits covers a vast array of test cycles, and includes an indoor facility for testing under consistent conditions regardless of the weather and outdoor temperature.