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PORSCHE 911 GT3 R (TYP991)

PORSCHE 911 GT3 R (TYP991)

Engine: Naturally aspirated engine 4.0L

Max. power: 550 hp at 8,750 1/min

Max. revs: 9,500/min

Max. speed: 300 km/h 0-100: 2.7 seconds

Fuel: Superplus unleaded

Rims/tyres: One-piece BBS rims 12x18“ ET 17 with central locking, Falken Slicks; tyre size 300/680-18

Rear axle: One-piece BBS rims 13.0x18“ ET 37.5 with central locking; Falken Slicks; tyre size 310/710-18

Drivers: Peter Dumbreck, Alexandre Imperatori, Jens Klingmann, Stef Dusseldorp